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Our Indian-style restaurant is one of the city's most popular. To the delight of our customerss, our hallmark dishes include biryani and chicken variations. Our Indian cuisine dishes will satisfy your appetite to the core. A non-vegetarian consumer will be pleased with our chicken, prawn, king prawn, lamb, and fish options. We produce meals that have gained popularity among our consumers. So far, we have been really delighted with the response of our consumers throughout the city. Our lengthy years in the city have been a big success because of our passion and commitment.

Our tikka dishes include lamb, salmon, duck, and chicken, which make our visitors pleased every time. Our signature taste and quality please all who attend. Our particular Tandoori products, which include chicken, mixed, prawn, and mutton, are popular with our weekend customers. Our seafood dishes, such as tandoori king prawn masala, crab masala, king prawn Noor, bhuna trout, salmon garlic masala, and king prawn dhansak, appeal to a diverse group of clients.

Our consumers may also order vegetables from us. Vegetable dishes like mushroom balti, vegetable chat masala, aloo potatoes, chana masala, and paneer make a vegetarian client both pleased and concerned. Every day, new individuals are being invited to our restaurant by word of mouth from our regular customers. Because of our great meals, we have a lot of return clients. Our hospitality is attracting all city and surrounding city consumers to visit the restaurant on special days and weekends.

For many years, we have also offered rice and bread to our clients. Our English cuisine, such as roasted chicken, a range of omelettes, and sirlion steak always leaves you satisfied.

About Raj Mahal Bristol

With your unwavering support, our Raj Mahal restaurant is expanding on a daily basis. We are grateful to every one of you for your ongoing advice at this time. We would want to continue our service with the same enthusiasm and willingness to provide you with complete pleasure. We also modify recipes to client preferences based on their recommendations and feedback. We take great care in producing food for children based on their taste and energy requirements. Our consumers consistently give us five-star reviews and good feedback. We will provide our culinary products to your entire pleasure, and they will taste just as they did before since we respect the time and money you have spent with us. 

Restaurant location Raj Mahal Bristol

Our address is 6-10 Frome Valley Rd, Stapleton, Bristol BS16 1HD. If it is comfortable and convenient for you from your starting point, you are invited to visit this area. Our takeaway restaurant is unique in the city, offering a wide range of cuisine options. We are also accessible on applications that can be downloaded for free from the internet. The applications are available for download from Google Play and the App Store. We are paying close attention to your thoughts and criticism, and we will respond as soon as possible.